Working at the Co-op

While the Member-Owners are the heart of our Co-op, the staff are our backbone. From receiving the food at the back door to scanning it out the front door and everything that happens in between, our staff members work hard to make it all happen. It sometimes looks easier than it is! Because this work is essential to our very existence, we greatly value our staff. We want to provide meaningful employment and compensation at a variety of skill levels. We offer a wide spectrum of job opportunities from part-time entry level work to full-time careers. We strive to hire a diverse staff, reflective of our community and our member-owners.

Compensation Philosophy

Willimantic Food Co-op’s compensation package is designed to attract, retain, and motivate employees, as well as to reward individual and group achievement of overall co-op goals and Ends. To ensure external equitability for non-entry-level positions, the co-op will annually review pay data for the Windham region from the Department of Labor. Changes to pay ranges and maximum annual raises will be assessed each year taking into consideration the change in living wage, change in the external market data, and keeping total personnel expenses below a set percentage of budgeted sales.

Living Wage

The Co-op is committed to paying a living wage, which is calculated at least annually. All entry-level employees will start at the current living wage of $18.00/hour.

Pay Raises

All staff are eligible for a raise annually, based on their performance. The co-op differentiates compensation based on ability and performance demonstrated over time. Maximum annual raise amounts are reserved for those who exceed job expectations and meet performance and group goals, with lower raise amounts for those who only meet job expectations, as determined by the annual review process. The amount of raise awarded for differing levels of performance will be publicized each year and applied consistently to all staff. Additional incentives (for example a year-end bonus) will be made available on an egalitarian basis for the achievement of department or co-op wide goals at the sole discretion of the co-op.

Paid Meal Breaks

All meal breaks are paid; length of breaks are determined by length of shift:

  • 7-8 hours: 45 minutes
  • 5-6.75 hours: 30 minutes
  • 4-4.75 hours: 15 minutes

Staff Discount

WFC employees receive a 25% discount on almost all items in the store, including food, wellness products, and general merchandise. This discount extends to your live-in partner and dependents.

Paid Time Off

Part-time and full-time employees accrue PTO based on hours worked. Starting employees earn two weeks of PTO in the first year; accrual rates increase in year 2 and 5.

Insurance Benefits

Full-time employees (32+ hours/week) are eligible to participate in the Co-op’s affordable group medical and dental care plans. The Co-op pays 78% of an employee’s monthly premium.

Retirement Plan

A retirement plan (SIMPLE IRA) is offered to employees after one year of employment who meet certain income requirements. WFC offers a 3% match.


WFC is committed to developing the skills and talents of its staff. Many of our staff who started in part-time positions have found viable careers at the Co-op. WFC endeavors to cultivate an environment of continuous learning in keeping with the fifth cooperative principle – Education, Training, and Information. Training opportunities include professional development conferences and seminars, leadership training, classes and workshops on cooperative business model, customer service and food systems.

Everyone Welcome

While the Member-Owners of the Co-op are the heart of the Co-op, our staff are the backbone.


Who WOULDN’T want to work at the Co-op?

Willimantic Food Co-op has been providing its customers with the highest quality food and services for more than 40 years. As we’ve grown, so has our staff. The co-op is committed to hiring a diverse staff that represents the communities we serve. We create living-wage jobs with great benefits, and we invest in the training and growth of our employees. Learn about the benefits of working at Willimantic Food Co-op and apply today.

Living Wage

After 2,000 hours of employment, full- and part-time employees are eligible to earn the living wage, as set by the Town of Windham (currently $12.82/hr.). Full-time status is defined as working at least 30 hours a week. Part-time staff start at 80% of living wage; full-time starts at 90%.

Insurance Benefits

Full-time employees are eligible for affordable health and dental insurance, as well as employer-paid long-term disability and life insurance. Full- and part-time employees can choose flexible spending account, vision, short-term disability, accident and supplemental life policies.

Staff Discount

Employees receive a 15% discount on food and a 25% discount on wellness products, body care, and supplements. These discounts extend to your live-in partner and dependents, as well.

Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off (PTO) is accrued based on hours worked for part and full time employees. Starting employees earn three weeks of PTO a year.

Ownership / Gain Sharing

After 1,000 hours of employment, employees earn co-op ownership and are enrolled in employee gain sharing. Gain sharing allows you to share in the co-op’s profits. In the last three years, on average, vested employees have earned an additional $1.22 per hour worked during the year.

Retirement Plan

Employees are eligible to contribute to a 401K retirement plan after accruing 1,000 hours.


All co-op employees receive training in natural foods, customer service and cooperatives. Ongoing opportunities include professional seminars and conferences, leadership training, and classes on cooperative financials and food systems.

Community Service Hours

Employees earn paid community service hours that may be used for volunteer work at eligible nonprofits.

How To Apply?

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Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff!

Corry Elm

Corry joined our team a few months ago, all the way from his hometown, San Francisco. Corry likes the knowledge that he’s part of something larger than himself at the Coop. He also loves meeting all the local providers, and all the friendly members. Corry almost always has the amazing Rye from Fabled Foods, and lots of Birch Beer from Hosmer Mountain. Yay, local flavors! Corry is a huge sci/fi fantasy geek, and a life-long gamer.