Membership Information

The store is open to members and non-members alike. Members pay shelf price and have the option of working at the store to receive an additional discount. Non-members pay 10% above shelf price.

Top Questions about Membership:

How to Join (becoming a member)

Each adult (over 18 years) pays a one-time processing fee of $1 to join the Co-op, and then invests $120 worth of equity in the Co-op, which can be paid in a lump sum or at the rate of $20 a year for six years. You can sign up right at the cash register – it only takes a couple of minutes.

Who should join the Co-op?

Everyone! Are you trying to figure out what a “co-op” is and what makes it different from other stores? We will refer you to this website to help answer some of your questions…

And what do you get for your equity investment?

First and foremost, you become an owner of the Co-op. And with that ownership you become part of a democratic body which sets co-op policy. You have a say in how this store is run. You are encouraged to become as involved in the Co-op as suits your needs.

You get dollar savings every time you shop at the Coop, where you get the benefit of fair prices, fine food, our knowledgeable staff and the friendly environment that defines our Co-op.

You get opportunities for involvement in the wider community as a Co-op member, and you can participate in consumer and nutrition education programs as they occur. Perhaps most important, you get to join the other members in a spirit of cooperation that has defined the cooperative movement for almost two centuries.

Additional info about your equity investment

A person living alone or with people under 18 pays $120 in equity, and a household where two adults live pays a total of $240. Larger households pay equity according to the number of adults who live there.
While the Co-op hopes you will remain a member forever, your equity will be returned upon written request should you ever decide to withdraw your member/ownership.

How do I become a working member?

Send an email to and let us know your interest and times that you are available.

What working member jobs are available?

Jobs are available depending on the needs of the Co-op. It works best to have the same person doing the same job for several months. Jobs include cleaning, bagging dry goods, cheese cutting, gardening and board committee work.

How are discounts calculated?

Each member is entitled to a 5% discount for every two hours worked. If there are two adults in your household, you need to work 2 hours for each adult or 4 hours total to receive a 5% discount. (Your discount extends to your children automatically.) Senior members discounts are added to the 5% senior discount.
While there are almost infinite possibilities of household configurations please use this table as a guideline:

Monthly Household Discount

Hours worked 2hr 4hr 6hr 8hr 12hr 16hr
One Person 5% 10% 15% 20%
Two People 5% 10% 15% 20%
One Senior 10% 15% 20%
Two Seniors 10% 15% 20%

How will I know what my discount is?

Each month your hours are tallied and a list of all working members is compiled. The discount lists are kept at the registers; if you can’t remember your discount, just ask.

I’m a single person household and I worked 3 hours, what is my discount?

If it’s your first time working you will get a 5% discount and 1 hour will be carried over until the next month/time you work. If you are a regularly working member you may ask to receive a 10% discount and owe an hour for the next month you work (just leave a note on your page).

What about special events?

Members are encouraged to sign up for special Coop events like: Inventory, the Birthday Party, and the Downtown Country Fair. There sign ups posted ahead of time. Discounts for these events may vary, please ask for specifics if you are interested.

What happens if I work a lot for one month and go on vacation the following month?

Leave a note on your page and your discount will be held until you come back. You can also ‘bank’ hours and distribute your discount over a couple of months, i.e. work 16 hours one month and take 10% over four months.