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Your purchase of a $120 member share is invested in your name as equity in the Co-op and supports our continued success.

Our bylaws state that in order to remain an Active member (and eligible for member benefits) you must be up-to-date on equity payments and your contact information must be up to date.

We require current data in order to be able to manage your member equity account. We need to stay in touch with you regarding your payment status and when there is an important event like the annual meeting or a member vote.

  • Email address is most important because it moves with you in case of relocation and is the most inexpensive way to contact you.
  • Without email we must send notices through USPS. Using email is a good way to keep costs (and therefore item prices) down. Mailing address is important for sending documentation and understanding the geographic location of members.
  • Phone number is important for routine store questions and as a backup contact method.

Please update your member info below.

    Contact Info Updater

    You will receive a verification via email after submitting your contact information. Phone or email is used for webcart login.

    Your 12-digit Membership Number is on the back of your Membership Card along the barcode beginning with 403611.