Please, help yourself!

Everything at the Co-op is self serve, although there is always someone available to help out. Most prices on grains, cheese and other bulk items are per pound, some are by volume. Bags and containers are available at the Co-op, but please help us to reduce packaging waste by re-using your own bags and containers when you shop.

If you would like to see more pictures of our store, please visit our photo gallery. We offer guided tours of the store. Please call and ask for more information or to sign up for a tour.

Great Prices

Prices at the Co-op average less than at the supermarket for a comparable basket. Some individual prices are higher for reasons of volume and purchasing power. Overall, you will find significant savings at the Co-op, and you can feel good about spending your money at a shop which you own. It may surprise you.


If you are looking for fresh produce, nothing is better than local. And we’ve got the best local produce around. Whether you are looking for fruit or vegetables we have delicious, healthy things for you. Maybe even a few things you haven’t tried before. If you are curious, just ask our staff about what you see. Chances are they have tried it, and can suggest a few ways to prepare it. Look at our Recipes Page for more ideas, too.

Kid Friendly Shopping

We have a children’s play area, toddler size grocery carts and even a few children’s baskets. If you have a child in arms, we have a store sling that you may use. It hangs on the wall next to the entrance.

Convenient, One Stop Shopping

The Co-op carries a full line of grocery items, produce, cheese, juices, grains, spices, vitamins, dairy products, homeopathic remedies, and paper goods. We have extensive frozen, prepared and dairy items. For an overview of the local products we carry please go to the local products page. We try to make one stop shopping at the Co-op possible. Product decisions are made on the basis of demand (your requests), manufacturer’s reputation and product quality. We try to buy locally from businesses that respect food, the workers who produce it, and ourselves, the people who consume it. Organic foods are stocked whenever possible.

Ecologically Responsible

The Co-op is committed to reducing packaging waste. Members usually bring their own shopping bags plus any surplus of clean, reusable bags to share with other shoppers.

Our garden center stocks seeds, potting soil, plants and other supplies depending on the time of the year.

Cheese Case

If you’ve been to our cheese case, you know there is a lot to see and try. Ask a staff member for a recommendation. Don’t miss the award winning fresh mozzarella we carry. Or one of the fantastic locally made cheeses.

We also carry several varieties of “non-dairy” cheeses, made with rice, almond or soy instead of cow’s milk.