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NOTICE — NEW CURBSIDE ORDERING HOURS will be Sunday 6pm – Friday 6pm

All ordering will be unavailable between Friday 6pm and Sunday 6pm.
This will give our staff the chance to get caught up on outstanding orders and do some much needed cleaning and housekeeping at the store.

The NEW PICK UP HOURS will be Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm

The Co-op will be COMPLETELY CLOSED on Sundays.
This will give our staff the time to recover from running to fill orders all week long, allowing them to rest and take care of themselves so that we can continue to provide safe, excellent curbside service to our members and the community.

** Please allow 24-72 hours for your order to be processed **.
If you can wait longer than that, please tell us and indicate when you would like to pick it up. Some orders will be ready on the same day they are placed. Pick up hours are 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat.

To support our shoppers and keep our workers safe, we are now taking orders online using our secure Order Form. We can also take orders over the phone, but our preference is that you order online. You will receive a confirmation and this helps keep our phone lines open allowing quicker order processing.

You can come to the Co-op, and we will bring your groceries out to your car.

** Items we are OUT of and Items we have LOTS of **

** List of Produce we have on hand **

    • Please place your order using the Curbside Order form on this page. Alternatively, call the store between the hours of 9am and 3pm from Monday through Friday at 860-456-3611*.
    • We will call you when we have filled your order with any questions or substitutions and to arrange payment if not using a Gift Card. Your order will be ready soon after that – please come pick it up as promptly as possible.
    • Payment methods (in order of preference):
        1. Credit Card – we will take your card info over the phone
        2. Gift Card – purchase a Co-op gift card online (see sidebar)
    • Call the store when you are in the parking lot and we will bring your groceries out to you.

*Be as specific as possible about the products you want to buy. Helpful information is:

    • Brand
    • Size
    • Flavor
    • Quantity
    • Dietary restrictions: vegan, gluten-free, low-sodium, etc.
    • 12-digit barcode number (UPC)

*Be aware that product availability may be very limited. We will do our best to fill your order and find substitutions for items that are out of stock.

Some things to keep in mind:

    • Our volume of orders continues to increase, which increases wait times. Thank you for your patience as our staff works as quickly and smartly as possible to fill your orders promptly and accurately.
    • Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Depending on customer demand, product availability, and staff capacity, we have to limit how many orders and/or the item quantities we can fill each day.
    • When ordering using a Gift Card purchased under a different name than the name on the Order, please let us know the name on the Order using the Gift Card Information form which will be available after your Gift Card purchase.
    • Ordering tip: Open a Notepad or Word or TextEdit (for Mac) file and create your shopping list and save it, then copy and paste it into the Order Form. In the rare event the Form does not submit correctly, you will be able to easily try again. It also serves as a record of what you ordered to refer to next time.
    • Order confirmation – When placing an order there will be a small note an inch below the Submit button indicating a successful submission. You will then receive a confirmation email at the address provided. If you don’t see it, please check your junk and/or spam folder in case it went there. We have long taken measures to get them into your Inbox, but especially with it is somewhat out of our control, and you might not even receive it if you have
    • The Co-op reserves the right to decline to fill any order.

***** Updated 4/1/20 12noon *****

Items we are OUT of:

Baking Yeast
Bulk Adzuki Beans (01025)
Bulk Black Beans
Bulk Conv. Cashews Roasted Unsalted (01549)
Bulk Golden Rose Rice (01703)
Bulk KA White WW Flour (01026)
Bulk Local Rustic Whole Wheat Flour (01290)
Bulk Organic Medium Rice
Bulk Pink Rice (01126)
Colloidal Silver
Field Day Full Fat Coconut Milk
Gallons of White Vinegar
Ground Turkey
Hydrogen Peroxide
Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
Merrill Hill Blueberries
Mullein Tincture
Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu (Have Firm or Bridge Tofu)
Osha Tincture
Soft Cut Cheese (very limited)
Strawberry Raspberry Granola (01768)
Sweetgrass Creamery Yogurt Quarts

Items we have LOTS of:

Asparagus Organic On Sale $3.99/lb!!
Badger Aloe Vera Gel, On Sale $4.99 through April 14th
Barbara’s Morning Oat Crunch! On sale $3.99, while supplies last
NEW! Local Bagged Cooking Greens (Kale and Chard)
Ripe Bananas .79 cents (freeze to make banana bread!)

Abraham’s Hummus (8oz and 16 oz)
Bagel One Bagels and Half Priced Bagels (limited flavors)
Bridge Tofu Salad (Grab n’ Go)
Brussel Sprouts
Bulk Barley Flakes
Bulk Basil Leaf
Bulk Bridge Tofu (vacuume sealed packages also availlable)
Bulk Calendula Flours
Bulk Chamomile Flours
Bulk coffee
Bulk croutons!
Bulk Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts
Bulk Dragonwell green tea
Bulk Forbidden Black Rice
Bulk Honey
Bulk irish breakfast black tea
Bulk Kombucha (No refills, only new containers)
Bulk Lavender Flours
Bulk Local Cornmeal (red and yellow)
Bulk Maple Syrup
Bulk Nettle Leaf
Bulk Organic Jade Pearl Rice
Bulk Organic Oregon Pumpkin Seeds
Bulk Organic Semolina flour (make your own pasta!)
Bulk Organic Walnuts
Bulk Raw Brazil Nuts
Bulk Raw Cacao Powder
Bulk Raw Pisachios in the Shell
Bulk red clover
Bulk Rye Flakes
Bulk Sesame Seeds (Make your own tahini!)
Bulk Sir Galahad Flour 11.7 oz
Bulk Turbinado Sugar
Bulk Wheat berries
Calabro fresh ovaline mozzarella
Cato Corner Womanchego and Dutch Farmstead
Dried Bulk Mushrooms
Easter Candy
Echo Farm Puddings (butterscotch, chocolate and tapioca)
Grated Parmesan
Grind Your Own Honey Roasted Peanut Butter
High Mowing Seeds
Local Ecological Apples
Local Eggs (Local and Organic availlable)
Local Potatos
Nature’s Way Elderberry Gummies
Nature’s Way Elderberry Syrup
Nettle Meadow and Seal Cove Goat Cheese
NFCA frozen peas, corn, blueberries
Organic Apples
Puckett’s Pantry Keto Dessert Cups
Siete Vegan Queso Dip (Spicy and Mild)
Stacey’s Tortillas (white and wheat)
Vermont Bread (limited varieties)
Village Springs Gallons of Water (99 cents)
Vitamin C!!!! (Country Life, NOW, Solaray, Ester-c, Nature’s Way and more)
Zinc! (Solgar and NOW)

Produce we have on hand:

Anjou Pears 94416
Avocados 94225
Bananas 94011
Blood Oranges 94381
Bosc Pears 94413
Cara Cara Red Navel Orange 93110
Cortland Apples 2107
Fuji Apples 94131
Gala Apples 94135
Granny Smith Apples 94017
Honeycrisp Apples 93283
Kiwifruit 94030
Lemons 94053
Limes 94048
Local Apples 1/2 Peck 2010
Local Apples 1/4 Peck 2011
Mango 94959
Mango Ataulfo 94312
Navel Oranges 94385
Pineapples 94433
Pink Lady Apples 94128
Plantains 94235
Red Grapefruit 94027
Red Pears 94417
Ripe Bananas 2168
Seedless Red Grapes 94499

Asian Sweet Potato 357
Asparagus 94080
Avocados 94225
Baby Bok Choy 94544
Baby Lettuce Mix 2903
Black Diamond Radish 382
Broccoli 94060
Brussels Sprouts 94550
Bunched Beets 94539
Bunched Carrots 94094
Bunched Spinach 94090
Butternut Squash 94759
Carnival Squash 2751
Carrots 2562
Celery 94070
Celery Stalk 94071
Cherry Bomb Peppers 94721
Cilantro 94889
Cluster Tomatoes 94664
Collards 94192
Crimini Mushrooms 94648
Cucumbers 94062
Curly Parsley 94900
Daikon Radish 2740
Dandelion Greens 94615
Delicata Squash 94763
Eggplant 94081
English Cucumber 94593
Fennel Bulb 94515
Flat Parsley 94901
Garlic 94608
Garnet Yam Sweet Potatoes 94817
Ginger Root 94612
Globe Artichokes 94762
Gold Beets 94541
Gold Potatoes 94727
Gold Turnip 2811
Green Beans 94066
Green Cabbage 94069
Green Kale 94627
Green Leaf Lettuce 94076
Green Peppers 94065
Habanero Peppers 93125
Hannah Sweet Potatoes 94091
Herbs Fresh Clamshell OG 1oz 86142110036
Horseradish Root 94625
Jade Star Radish 2556
Jalapeno Peppers 94693
Jewel Yam Sweet Potatoes 94816
Kale 2191
Kennebec Potatoes 2083
Lacinato Kale 94193
Leeks 94629
Lions Mane Mushroom 94656
Local Gold Potatoes 2727
Local Green Buttercup Squash 2760
Local Micro Greens 2908
Local Red Beets 2540
Local Red Potatoes 2073
Nappa Cabbage 94552
Orange Peppers 93121
Organic Cauliflower 94079
Oyster Mushrooms 2649
Parsnips 94672
Poblano Peppers 94705
Portabella Mushrooms 94650
Purple Daikon Radish 2989
Purple Sweet Potato 93288
Radicchio 94738
Radish Bunches 94089
Rainbow Chard 94588
Local Red Beets 2540
Red Beets 94540
Red Cabbage 94554
Red Kale 93095
Red Leaf Lettuce 94075
Red Onions 94082
Red Peppers 94688
Red Potatoes 94073
Roma Tomatoes 94087
Romaine Hearts 27918205303
Romaine Lettuce 94640
Russet Potatoes 94072
Rutabaga 94747
Salad Mix 2328
Scallions 94068
Shiitake Mushrooms 94651
Spinach 2749
Sprouts Local Small Box 2902
Stripeti Squash 2955
Tomatoes 94064
Turmeric 93900
Watermelon Radish 409
White Button Mushrooms 94645
Yellow Onions 94093
Yellow Peppers 94689
Yellow Squash 94782
Zucchini 94067

Avocados are fruits and are technically considered a single-seeded berry. What makes the avocado so versatile is its sweet yet savory flesh. Nutritionally, avocados are more like a vegetable and are listed as such in the USDA sites 🙂


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